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Mission Statement


At Excel Nurseries we aim to provide a secure and happy environment for all our children through a well-balanced stimulating programme of activities.  In partnership with parents and the local community we strive to give every child equal opportunities to achieve his/her full potential.

Excel Nurseries will:


Provide - A safe, secure, happy and caring environment.

Foster - Respect, trust, honesty, confidence and self esteem.

Develop - Independence, enthusiasm, individual potential, self motivation and pride.

Value - Friendships, creativity, good behaviour, high standards and success.



•    To promote an environment in which each individual is valued equally, encouraging everyone to be open minded, tolerant and considerate of each other 


•    To be committed to providing opportunities for individuals to have access to all areas of learning 


•    To develop children’s confidence so that they can act and think independently, equipping them with skills for life 


•    To encourage self esteem by celebrating each other’s strengths and successes 


•    To attain personal goals through positive attitudes, support and hard work 


•    To take responsibility for our environment, embracing it and working in partnership with parents, carers and the local community to create “a good place to be.”

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