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Excel with our exceptional childcare

At Excel Nurseries, our main aim is to ensure our childcare in Redbridge is safe, fun and kept to a high standard. Our childcare team ensures children are in a stimulating learning environment, which allows them to develop into independent young people. 


Quality Childcare 

Leading childcare provider in Redbridge, delivering you high childcare standards

Excel Nurseries ensures parents are kept at ease knowing their child is in safe hands, and most importantly, having a great time at nursery. Sending your child to nursery for the first time may  be daunting, but we make it as easy as possible for you.

 Our Childcare In Redbridge

Providing all day childcare, all year round

Excel Nurseries aims to promote an environment in which each individual is valued equally, encouraging everyone to be open minded, tolerant and considerate of each other.

Value Positive Relationships

We value - Friendships, creativity, good behaviour, high standards and success.

Safe & Fun Environment

Providing a safe, and secure environment, ensures children are happy and cared for.

Children Develop

& Grow

We foster - Respect, trust, honesty, confidence and self esteem. Developing independent, and enthusiastic children.

Stimulating Atmosphere

Being brilliant and outstanding is what we live and breathe in an exceptional childcare environment.

Healthy Meals Cooked On Site

We provide healthy meals that we prepare in house for our children.

Good Ofsted Rating 

Achieving high standards of childcare in Redbridge is what we strive for.

be brilliant, be outstanding

Excel Nurseries is passionate about supporting and providing a high level of childcare and education


Be Brilliant With Excel Nurseries

During COVID-19, we have put measures in place to ensure we stay open

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we have strived to remain open and support all our key workers. Providing all day childcare, all year round. We have put measures in place to upkeep the safety and well-being of our children. Thank you NHS and to our wonderful parents.